How do we work?

If you want to order an essay, term paper, writing work or any other type of academic assignments, we need just 10 minutes of your time. Forget about waiting in the queue, visiting special offices and paying a lot for ready academic papers. We provide comfortable and handy rules that will simplify your study years!

1. Fill the form – we need you to fill the form after you click on the button “make an order”. The form consists of your personal details questions and order information. Please, fill all the fields so we can start working in your task sooner. Leave your full name, email address and a contact phone number. This will help us to contact you and notify about the task. Order details are needed for the writer, who will implement the paper for you. Leave such information as your academic level, the type of the paper, its topic, the number of pages, citation style, source information number and the deadline term. The more specific details you give us, the more precise work the writers will do!

2. Transfer money for the task – pay for the task and get the invoice. If you have any questions how secure our billing system is, don’t hesitate to ask our custom support team. Check on our writing paper rates before you make an order. Ask our manager if you can get any discount for saving money.

3. Meet your writers and watch the work – after receiving your order and payment, we will give you an access to the online cabinet where you can keep up with the writing process. Meet your writer to discuss writing details. Use a good opportunity to ask for writing essay tips, advice regarding your studying and require the necessary information how to succeed with the exam.

4. Editing and proofreading – once the writer finished the paper, we send it to our professional editors and proofreaders, who add their magic touch and your essay starts looking convincing for getting the mark “A”.

5. Delivery – check on your email box at the term of the deadline. Find the message from us and the attached paper!

We hope that your college or university teacher will give you praise and grade you with the esteem you are dreaming to see. Get in touch with us and let us help you with the toughest tasks!

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