Security policy

When you order writing an essay service, it seems very easy. You leave the order, pay for it and wait for its delivery when needed. However, many students get scared thinking that their college teachers and professors will find out that the essay has been written by experts. They start panicking thinking that if this happens, they will be deducted from the college. However, you can forget about worries like those because essay writing service can ensure 100% security. All the information (personal and order details) we require when you make an order will be used just for contacting you in time and working on your task. We don’t share or sell our customers’ base information; otherwise, we would be banned already. We care a lot what customers say about us and can’t let them down.

Refund and revision warranty

We can’t keep your money if you have been asked to rewrite the paper we have done for you or if you personally don’t like it. We have nice and friendly relationships with every customer who asks us to help with academic writing. We have had cases, when students required redoing the paper, correcting some parts of the dissertation or changing a citation style. If your professors asked you to work on the paper more, please contact us within 7 days after receiving a delivery paper, and we will do the job better for free. If you want to cancel the order or don’t want us to change your paper, require a money back option.

Anti-plagiarism guarantee

If you order a paper, you can be sure about its high-quality, uniqueness and luck it will bring you. The team of writers, editors and proofreaders create smart and qualitative academic papers that succeed 99% of the time. Our writers use superior sources of information and check every written paper in anti-plagiarised software that helps to achieve the best result. We follow your college and university requirements in order to get your professor’s respect and a high esteem.

Have questions left? Get in touch with us in live chat, send us an email or call. We work without holiday, breaks and delays, that’s why so many UK students choose us to be their studying assistants.

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